About Us

FIXR8 is an Indian extravagance furniture store focusing in on an advanced combination of exemplary Indian design and craftsmanship. Our collections have been charming the global markets since 2013 ,we were in ecommerce from 2019 by including arising designers, unseen expert craftsmen, and iconic design brands. Fixr8 is brand of UNNATI INTERIORS

Your home is a canvas that reflects your personality, life experiences, and beliefs. It’s more than just a place to live, it’s a place of quiet solace and comfort. Keeping that in mind, it’s crucial that when you select home furniture, it should echo your individuality and preferences. But why exhaust yourself by visiting brick and mortar stores when you can comfortably choose your favourite furniture online? At FIXR8 online marketplace, you can now buy furniture online with incredible convenience. Avoid the crowds, inordinate delays, and endless bargaining while selecting the latest furniture design on FIXR8 . Experiment with a wide variety of furniture pieces designed with modern, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, eclectic, and vintage themes. With elegant designs and gorgeous colours available on everything ranging from study room furniture to living room furniture, you will certainly be spoiled for choices.

FIXR8 just diverts unique luxury pieces from large-scale manufacturing and imitations. Every one of our pieces bears its internal story, the finest Asian craftsmanship, tradition.

Our Core Beliefs

We have faith in craftsman lead couturier Interior Design.

We work to protect antique manufacturing traditions and craftsmanship.

We endeavor to give the most ideal purchasing experience.

We accept genuine luxury must be customized. Explore FIXR8 Furniture Stores for Latest Collection

Sofas, beds, desks, chairs, tables, seeing all these you feel like your dream come true . If you haven’t seen FIXR8’s latest collection at our stores yet, you are missing out. Sure, sitting at home and browsing furniture stores online for a few hours is thrilling on its own. But no one can deny the satisfaction of walking into furniture shops and running from one sofa to another, trying this bed and then that or even sitting on cushioned chairs to pick one that is perfect for curling up and sleeping. FIXR8 is the right choice to shop online or offline .Stop think again,With multiple furniture shops all over India, FIXR8 makes buying a new chair, sofa, bed, ottoman, or wall decor that matches your personality easy.

What do We do? We source the best furniture makers in India and convey theirs chose products the whole way across the whole country.

We assist with customization with our selective Premium Services , Premium made but affordable products for every generation level, not only richly designed but in balanced design can make you feel good.

FIXR8 expansive modern furniture choices will empower your decision-making by giving you a variety of options that will seamlessly fit within your desired budget and design preferences. With regular furniture sales and exciting offers on exceptional furniture designs, you can be assured that you will get the right furniture piece perfect your home. So, whether you’re looking for a sleek wooden furniture element or an ergonomic work from home furniture piece, we promise you will not be disappointed.

We give a full Interior Design Service. We do have best handicraft products which gives elegance to our office and home.

On account of top to bottom information on the Global manufacturing display, and practically over the top consideration during the creation frameworks, every collection is chosen and distributed only if it can give the most significant level of value, quality, and a genuine association with the most noteworthy touch of the Modern design trends for furntire, décor( handicrafts , interiors designing items for home & office ) .

Established in India in 2013 under the guidance of Mr RK CHOUDHARY CEO of UNNATI INTERIORS it has kept on pulling in an ever-increasing number of lofty brands such and served an ever-increasing number of knowing customers from Kashmir to kanyakumari . We enrolled to e-commerce in 2019 to reach out globally. The client base, both trade, and retail are constantly presented with immaculate scrupulousness, offering admittance to the best of what India can offer.

We Ship to All Across India to reach out everyone’s heart.

We convey your bespoke products to your doorways, to practically every single province of India.

Moment Assistance

Our Online Chat Service can help you with any questions identified with sourcing items, requesting help, bespoke products. Transparency in packing and delivery of products .

Custom Finishes

There are no restrictions to the personalization we can give. You will have the item your way. Visit us with your desires and we are with you to built up your dreams .

FIXR8 is therefore a treasure chest with immense admittance to selective Indian and Western assortments, materials, and bespoke arrangements. It has then built up its own organization of craftsmen, to have the option to give custom pieces, from Marble Works, Fabrics by the yard, Custom furnishings, Custom, and extravagance Italian Kitchens, bespoke wooden floors, Han made furniture’s and substantially more. Our each and every product so authentic and durable like a benchmark of it own kind.

While times have changed and people no longer feels to go to godown of the furniture shop to get a feel of the furniture they like, you’re always free to walk into FIXR8 furniture showroom nearby. You’ll find a wide range of furniture items for each category and our experts will guide , as per your need and requirement right wood furniture will based for your home . They will suggest you the best from different types of furniture and give you the details of each so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

FIXR8 refers to our commitment to giving our clients the most ideal worth. We feel honored to work with several Indian as well as Global manufacturers who have been perceived all through the globe for their luxury goods for over 140 years. Large numbers of these makers produce pieces for the present top western design brands, yet all alone don’t have the assets to circulate their items past public lines. We are pleased to be their select conveyance accomplice, permitting us to acquaint the Indian market and revitalize the local furniture industry. We believe in Faith Trust and Transparency.

How We Do It?

Far beyond a straightforward moniker, FIXR8 signifies a product has been created by talented, skilled hands driven by a passionate dedication to preserving the long tradition of Indian craftsmanship. Thus, each piece bearing this insignia is of heirloom quality and style—made to bring beauty and function to the home for generations to come.

FIXR8’s mission is to promote the beauty of the Indian lifestyle through our carefully curated collection of home furnishings originating from India’s region as an important international furniture and design center.

FIXR8 is much more than a hallmark, it is much more than a name. It represents our passion for enhancing your daily life through the beauty and function of timeless, well-crafted Indian-made furnishings, transparence in product manufacturing and deals. Creating career options for many by employing and proving Franchises at Pan India.

Wondering about a furniture shop near me? You may have many furniture stores near your residence, so what’s so unique about FIXR8? Offline furniture stores can only have a few exhibits in their showroom, which limits your choice. Now, you can visit both offline and online stores which means that you can explore the widest selection of furniture at every price range at FIXR8.